PDF preview issue on multiple monitor setup

I am using DO on a work laptop from a USB drive (with USB license). The laptop is connected to 2 larger monitors with a dock. The PDF handler is PDF X-Change viewer. When I use pdf preview with DO on the laptop screen, it works properly. When the DO window is on either of the other two monitors, the pdf is not centered, but is moved over to the right and extends off screen. Only about 1/3 of the pdf is visible. There is no scroll bar, and I can't see any way to move the pdf preview to get the pdf centered and visible on the external monitors.

I'm using Win 10. DO is updated. I have Adobe Acrobat DC installed and I tried setting it as the pdf default handler, but in DO it seems PDF X-Change viewer is still being used as the handler. Please help as I need pdf preview on the other monitors. Thanks.

Does it work in File Explorer's viewer pane when you do the same thing?

Are the screens using different DPIs?

Tried any other PDF viewers in case the issue is with PDF XChange? Microsoft's PDF viewer is included with most versions of Windows now if you want to try that. To switch the viewer Opus uses, go to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins, then configure the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin (now called "MetaPlugin" if using Opus 13) and change the preview handler .pdf is assigned to in the list.

Changing the pdf handler to Adobe solved the problem, thanks.

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