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PDF tools button using Coherent PDF

Hi All,

Just sharing a menu button set I've made for working with PDF's. It's somewhat based of the PDF-Toolkit Menu by tbone, but instead of using the PDFToolkit which hasn't had an update in many years, it uses the community edition of Coherent PDF. My reason for using Coherent PDF was for the later encryption standard thats implemented.

Only about half the functions that PDF-Toolkit has and implemented either because I don't use that feature, couldn't figure out how to do it with Coherent PDF or figure out how to adapt the vbs script behind some buttons :slight_smile:

Coherent PDF Tools.dcf (4.8 KB)

Hope someone finds this useful

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Hello - where does the executable cpds.exe need to be located?


anywhere in your path, or you can ammend the button once you add it, although that would mean ammending every button