Pdf viewer only shows shell icon

The file viewer for pdf files only shows the pdf shell icon. I am using Dopus 11.15 v64 on Windows 10, but had the same problem before upgrading from Windows 8.3. I have reinstalled Dopus and Adobe Reader DC. I can view pdfs in IE 11.01 and Firefox without difficulty. All the plugins are checked in Plug In manager.

Do PDF files work in Explorer's preview panel?

Yes, they work fine in File Explorer (Hadn't used it for years!)

Try going to Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Plugins, select ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web and Configure, then click Defaults and OK.

Resolved--the 32 bit pdf viewer was checked, clicking restore defaults unchecked it and now pdfs view fine on my 64 bit machine.

no pdf and no docx, xlsx, etc. visible. Hi, I have not installed acrobat reader, but only the full version of Adobe XI, but in opus I only get to see the shell logo for PDF files and nothing for word files. As instructed above, I alread did
youre suggstion :Try going to Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Plugins, select ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web and Configure, then click Defaults and OK. But nothing.

Although I had it working before, made a backup of it but after reinstallling opus it does not get it working again.

Any Suggestions?



You need a PDF viewer of some sort installed to view PDFs.

Acrobat is a PDF editor and does not include Reader or any other viewer. You need to install one in addition.

Any which works with Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer can work with Opus. (IE plugins require an extra configuration step. Explorer preview handlers should work automatically unless manually overridden.)

I had similar problems followed instructions here, and appears to work fine.
Why is preview handler using Adobe PDF for Vista (32-bit), when I downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version 15.008.20082 for a 64 bit machine? I am running Windows 10 and DOPUS V 11.15 x64.
Should I do anything?

"Adobe PDF for Vista" is the name Adobe (still) give their preview handler and it's a 32-bit component.


I am having a similar problem.

Windows 10 64bit installed, with DO at latest version and Acrobat Reader DC installed.

File Explorer shows the message "This can't be previewed." DO shows the shell icon but all other file viewers seem to be okay.

'Open With' Edge and Chrome display correctly in the browser, but IE passes the PDF to Acrobat Viewer. The first time I opened with IE it seemed to think I had implemented accessibility options and forced me along a set of options to which there didn't seem to be a no or stop option. I had the issue before I tried to open with IE so don't believe this is the cause.

I followed your instructions to restore the DO viewer defaults. Don't know what else to try...

If Adobe Reader isn't working in File Explorer as well then the problem is outside of Opus.

Reinstalling Adobe Reader will sometimes repair its registry settings.

Configuring the ActiveX plugin in Opus may reveal that PDF isn't assigned to the Adobe preview handler, in which case assigning it there may fix things in Opus (but not File Explorer).

Re-installing Acrobat Reader didn't help as DO and Explorer continued to show the icon.

After browsing some other forums I installed Foxit Reader as suggested and now everything is fine. Not ideal as I wanted to keep Acrobat Reader as the default, but at least this works.