Pending Posts

If have 1 or 2 posts pending moderator approval, where in my Profile can I see those posts & re-read/check them?

I'm not sure Discourse lets you see them.

Note that several of your posts have been rejected because you keep spamming topics with questions which have already been answered, off-topic discussion which you've been asked to move elsewhere, and general noise which is of no use to anyone.

This is also why your posts are now being moderated. You're creating a lot of extra work for us, especially for someone who has not bought the software yet.

Please consider what you're posting, whether it's useful, whether the questions have already been answered (sometimes multiple times in the same thread) and whether you've been asked to drop the subject (because it's already been answered, or is unrelated to Opus).

If you don't like the answer to a question, asking the same question again isn't going to change reality; it's only going to annoy people and make it harder for everyone else who is trying to find useful information on the forum.