Percent Full Display not working

I have just upgraded to version and the percent full display is not showing, I read the forum and found someone that changed the display to Used Space, if I do that and save the lister, when restarting Opus it reverts to the original percent full, and it is still blank. I am using Windows 7 Pro (32Bit)

I'm not exactly sure what you mean - could you post a screenshot to illustrate the issue?

That should be fixed if you grab the latest beta version:

HOW can I sent a screen shot of nothing. the percent full column is empty, also if I change it to Used Space, save the lister
restart opus, and the column is still empty, with no information

The same way you'd make a screenshot of anything else. Jon wasn't sure what you were looking at -- you could be talking about My Computer, or the status bar; both show free-space graphs -- so a screenshot showing the My Computer folder with the graph missing would have helped him understand what you were seeing.

But a screenshot isn't needed as I know the problem that you're seeing and it is fixed in the latest beta version, which I linked to. (I know because I fixed it. Jon didn't work on that particular issue so it wasn't obvious to him what you were talking about.)