Persistently rename tabs


I have some folders i.e.:


I rename their tabs in dopus in order to distinguish them (all opened at the same time), but the changes are not permanent: when I close and reopen them they show only "logs" in the tab name, not "logs01", "logs02" etc.

Is there a workaround to make them permanent ? I frequently work inside them and I don't want to rename tabs again and again every time I re-open them.

Also, I've noticed that once renamed, if I step away from the actual folder in the tab, the "renamed name" remains the same. Maybe this functionality is not what I'm searching for.

I've tested the Alias feature too, but when I access the folder the name in the tab does not show the alias I've set.

I'd like d.o. that every time I access a certain folder ...\01\logs, it ALWAYS shows the tab name as "first log" for example. Is it possible ?

Thanks !

The script here can be adapted to apply different tab label rules for special folders:

There is also this much more advanced script, but if it doesn't already do what you want then it may be easier to modify the simple one above: