Phone connection via FTP: Picture tiles/miniatur view and viewer-scrolling not possible?

I wanted to transfer pictures from my android mobile phone to the computer to different folders. I connected it via FTP with DOpus. Thereby I run into a problem: I can not choose the tile or miniatur view, so I do not see which picture is which.
Also it is not possible to scroll through the pictures in the picture viewer.

Is this a general unbreakable limitation of the FTP or could this be improved?
(DOpus has so much possibilities, so perhaps... :slight_smile: )

Perhaps this limitations should be added to this FAQ: MTP and transferring files with Android and iOS phones, Cameras

Thumbnails aren't supported on FTP connections. We found it to be very unreliable when they were.

Something we may revisit in the future, but they aren't enabled for now.

They would also most likely result in all of each file being downloaded, so it would likely be faster to do that and then check the local copies of the files.

That should work, as long as you launch the viewer via double-click and have Preferences / Viewer / Behavior / Generate next/previous list (when opened via double-click) turned on.

ok. Yes. A workaround is to copy first all pictures to one local folder and to sort them afterwards.

Is enabled, but works only on non-FTP locations.
For FTP also the next and previous picture buttons are greyed out.
(But I can try this only with my smartphone, so I do not know if this is a problem related to the smartphone or FTP app)

Is Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files / Use internal picture viewer for... also turned on?

Yes. The picture, on which I double click, is shown via internal picture viewer. I can only not switch to the other pictures (beside double click on each).

Check the option if you haven't, because the viewer may open on double-click even if the option off, but the next/prev list won't work on FTP sites.

(If it has been made the default image viewer for the whole system, double-clicks on images will still open them in the viewer, but it'll be launched via Windows, which means the image will be downloaded to a temp folder, and then that temp file will be sent to the viewer, which won't know anything about the FTP site it came from. Only when it is launched via that double-click option, or special commands within Opus, will if know the other files exist.)

Yes, the option is turned on.

Apologies, I also see the same thing. I thought it worked, but it's also opening the files via a temporary copy for some reason. Will investigate when I get a moment.

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