Photos display sideways

Hi there,

I recently bought a new Canon Ixus camera and my photos always display sideways when I view them as thumbnails in Directory Opus. This was not a problem with my old camera. I have searched the web in the past for a solution, but haven't come up with anything. Today it occurred to me to test the view in Windows Explorer and Explorer does indeed display pictures correctly. I am attempting to attach a picture to show you what I mean. It's a big screenshot, but I've set the quality to low to keep the file size down. I should probably add that I import my pictures by dragging them directly from the SD card to the main hard disk in Dir Opus. I do think there's something odd about the camera pictures, but I haven't managed to find a setting either on the camera or in Opus that would make the pictures display properly.

Do you have this option checked?

Adding to the previous reply:

Try toggling:
[ul][li]Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails / Use EXIF information (if present) to auto-rotate images[/li]
[li]...and the similar options under Preferences / Viewer / Standalone Viewer[/li]
[li]...and Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Pane.[/li][/ul]

If they are rotated incorrectly when the option is off and correctly when it is on, then everything is good and Opus was just configured to ignore the rotation data the camera was writing.

If they are rotated incorrectly when the option is on and correctly when it is off, then the camera may be setting the EXIF rotation data incorrectly.

(Note that Windows Explorer ignores the EXIF rotation data entirely.)

If explorer ignores exif rotation then there is a chance that zaphod's camera writes a wrong orientation tag. Otherwise I can't think of a reason why opus would rotate them.
Check your camera settings. If that's the case then correct the jpg's by editing the rotation tag instead of rotating the images with the rotate command. You can select multiple images and then either in meta data pane or by pressing ctrl+M and setting the rotation tag to 0.

Thank you for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

Okay I have checked the exif setting and it is turned on. But turn the exif setting off and the pictures display properly. Which would imply the camera is setting something wrong in the exif data. If I look at the details then the width is the larger number, so the width and height are being set correctly.

Oh wait I just noticed a new post. I haven't really used the metadata pane, I tend to go to details. I see lots of useful info in there. You really are helpful and it's much appreciated!

Okay so yes, I have a rotation tag and yes, it's set to 90 degrees, which is indeed why the pictures are being displayed sideways.

Reset the tag, tested and that works. It would appear that the camera is setting the rotation tag incorrectly. So thanks, you've helped me pinpoint the problem and provided a solution!

You could also double check with some pictures from the internet (carrying exif/rotation-information), before you go out to put the camera back to where you got it.. o)