Photos on Samsung S22+ and mtp:

I'm on 12.32 x64. Trying to view the photos via thumbnails on my Samsung S22+. With the default of  Settings > Preferences > Miscellaneous > Advanced > "mtp_enabled" > set to True I am able to see thumbnails of older files (ones transferred from an earlier phone) but not the ones taken with the S22+. Nor can I delete files. Changing the setting from True to False fixes this by letting Windows 11 handle mtp:, but thought you might want to know.

Actually, even that didn't help. Dopus would get about halfway through making thumbnails for the DCIM Camera folder on the Android phone, then freeze. I was able to view the phone's DCIM Camera folder in Windows 11 File Explorer and then drag and drop to various folder tabs in Dopus. Would be nice if I could do it all in Dopus but the workaround works.

We found one source of freezing with MTP devices recently (a Windows component that sometimes locks up the thread seemingly forever when we ask it for an icon). We're working on a fix for that, but can't be sure if it will fix your problem or not.

If your Wifi speed is good, I recommend using SFTP or FTP instead for transferring data to/from phones, as it's far more reliable and also doesn't require a cable. Suggestions are in the forum's MTP FAQ.

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