PicaView 3.0 (2014) doesn't work in Directory Opus

I know, it's probably "who cares", but I just got the latest ACDSee Pro 8 which comes with an updated PicaView. This doesn't seem to work properly in DOPus... It doesn't crash at least, but the image is forever in the "loading" state and I never get a preview. The EXIF information loads fine, so that's the main use for it.

OS: Windows 7 x64 (PicaView works as expected under Windows Explorer)
PicaView Version: 3.0 Build 132
Directory Opus version: I would love to tell you, but my "About" screen is invisible for some odd reason... It is the latest version though. I see the About window in the taskbar, but there's no actual window. I shift+right click the taskbar and choose move and it puts me in the center of my desktop as if there's a window... but alas, it's invisible :blush:

This is the first time I've heard of PicaView but am I right that it adds a thumbnail to the normal right-click context menu, or similar?

I suspect it's doing something unsupported that makes heavy assumptions about what is displaying the menu, if it is doing that, and if it displays a temporary image which it later changes after the menu has already been displayed.

I did a 'Search' in this section of the forum, because I am having the same issue, after just installing ACDSee Pro 8. So, I thought I'd just bump this thread to see if anyone found an answer. When I Right-click on any associated image file, there should be a scaled down image of the photo that is a sort of 'preview' that appears in the Context Menu. In reality, all that happens is that there is the preview box area in the context menu, but it just says 'Loading', however the preview never shows up.

As the OP says, this feature works fine with Windows Explorer, but does not work within Opus. Has anyone made any headway with this problem in the last few months? I am using the latest 11.10.2 version of Opus.

I remember from a long (long, long) time ago that PicaView had some sort of compatibility option related to its context menu, and that if you switched it on it would actually work in Opus. I remember we actually did get Opus to work with it maybe back in the Opus 6 days, provided that option was switched on.

If it doesn't have an option like that any more then there's unlikely to be anything we can do as it is presumably written to only work with Explorer. You would need to contact ACD Systems for more information.

I did some searching on the web about this issue, and bottom line is the feature just doesn't work with Opus. Works with Total Commander, X2Explorer, and others, just not with good ole' Opus.

No problem, I just turned off that feature, and it doesn't even show up in the context menu anymore. No biggie, as I can just hover over a photo file and a preview popup shows with Opus. Good enough for me!

A lot of file managers just ask Explorer (technically, the Windows shell) to display the menu for them. Opus and one or two other file managers build the menu themselves.

What Jon said still applies.

I have no problem with that, leo. I wouldn't give up Opus for ANY other file manager, period.

Like I said, "Good enough for me!". PicaView is just eye-candy anyway.... :slight_smile:

Did you look for a Compatibility mode option?

Yes, I did. PicaView seems to be a part of ACDSee 8.1 now, sort of a built-in addon that you can choose to install with the main program or not. The only options within ACDSee is to use PicaView or not. If you select to use it, then there is a box within the context menu, and you can select the PicaView options from there. The options are few, such as turn off PicaView, what size preview window to use, and whether or not to show metadata.

No compatibility mode settings at all for the PicaView plugin.

The forum over at ACDSee has a post or two about PicaView not working with Opus, but not much information in the way of resolution.

I don't HAVE to have that feature, in order to enjoy and use both ACDSee 8.1 and Opus. No biggie....

PicaView 3.1 (ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018 v11.2.0.1309) stil doesn’t work in Directory Opus 12.8
Widows 10 x64

What I said back in 2015 still applies.

"... still applies" but there is no solution for regret

For a solution you would need to ask ACDSee. There's no evidence anyone has done so.

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FYI, opened a ticket in ACDSee support regarding this issue (for v2020 of ACDSee). Let's see.