Picture format recognition error

I found that when I changed the file extension of a png image to .jpg, Directory Opus would recognize it as a jpg image.
Similarly, if the file extension of the gif format picture is modified to the file extension of other picture formats, it will still be incorrectly recognized.
But when I use FastStone Image Viewer, it can recognize the correct format of the picture by recognizing the file header, but Directory Opus can’t, because it doesn’t seem to recognize the real format of the picture by recognizing the file header.
Hope to improve the method of judging the image format.

The Opus image viewer and description columns already do that, unless the file is within an archive where it would slow things down too much.

Where are you seeing the wrong type in Opus?

I found this error when organizing pictures in a local folder, not when viewing pictures in the compressed package.

I have artificially modified the extension of the picture and found that this problem can be reproduced.

The file type filtering function can verify such errors.

Where are you seeing the incorrect information?

If you're looking at the Type column, that's defined by Windows and only considers extensions.

Use the Description column and it will inspect file contents to determine the image type.

(Although, if you have images with incorrect extensions, it's best to correct them anyway, since they'll cause problems and confusion with some software.)

Yes, I checked by "Type".
Can you provide a function to detect the true format of the picture and modify it to the correct file extension in batches?
I think this feature is necessary. I manually modified the format of more than 2000 pictures last time.

Easiest way to fix incorrect file extensions:

Thanks, I will try.