Pin Tab Positions in a Layout So They Don't Move

Hi Is it possible to pin the position of a tab so it doesn't automatically move to a different order?

In some layouts I have about 5 tabs and in my mind the order of them helps me navigate to them quickly.

For some reason, the order seems to change on it's own. I am certainly not changing them

I'm using 12.3 build 6183.

Thanks for any guidance.

When does the change occur? Which action(s) seem involved in triggering it?

12.3 is old now. It always makes sense to update to the latest version if you're having problems in case it's something that has already been fixed or improved.

As far as I can tell, nothing triggers it. Maybe an ever so slight drag in the wrong place? Maybe the folder name change?

There is certainly no intentional effort.

I wish there was a way to lock the some tabs on the tab bar or the whole thing.