Pin to top arrows behavior

I have a label that pins a file/folder to top (for indication, these items are marked with a red icon).
If I enter a folder that has that kind of files, DOpus automatically selects (and focuses, as I don't see any border around any other item) the first item by means of its alphabetical order, ignoring that the first file in lister is not the one that is alphabetically first:

However, if I now press down arrow, DOpus incorrectly selects folder "c", which is confusing. I guess this is because DOpus distinguishes selected files and focused file (the one with dashed border on old-fashioned Windows) but in my opinion this should be the very same thing in this case.

Could you please fix this so DOpus initially selects the file/folder that is displayed on top of the lister, not the alphabetically first item?

BTW, same happens right after a file has been marked with such label. File is moved to top (as intended) and stays selected but focus is set to the very top item and down arrow causes me to lose track of which file is selected.

Were you guys able to reproduce this bug? Are you going to fix it in the nearest future?

We weren't able to reproduce it so far, but the way pinned labels work may change in the future due to another issue we discovered with the current/initial design. (The pin doesn't happen until the file is scrolled into view, as labels are only calculated when files become visible.) We're still thinking about the best way to address that but it's likely it will fix your problem as well, by making the pin happen before the folder is first displayed.

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