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Play all music files in a lister


is there a way to PLAY ALL MUSIC FILES IN A LISTER with Dopus

i can click a music file and dopus will play it ... but can't work out how to play all files in a lister .. i want to play all files with out playlists thanks


I have a PLAY button that I click on if I want to play a music file. If I want to play all the music in the file, I just SELECT ALL first with ctrl A and then I click the PLAY button. Pretty simple.


that's what i need where do i find this button? thanks



It's here by default.

Or make a new button which runs the Play command.

Pushing return may also work, to send the selected files to your media player.


This is my Play All button (which at least works fine with AIMP audio player):

Select *.(mp3|ogg|wma|aac|m4a|mp4|flac|wav|mod|xm|x3m|mid|sid)
ContextMenu Open

Play All.dcf (452 Bytes)

EDIT: fixed wildcards as per Leo's suggestion below.


Each || should only be one | in that wildcard, btw.


cool both work great a few things i picked- up
trying to get this done ...... is there a way to play all with ( i think in the preview window )


The preview pane only works on one file at a time.