Playing ogg files

i cant play OGG files with dopus and "play sounds" file command; it just
opens a play window and stuck... no sound at all. any clues?!

ps. ogg vorbis plugin is installed and marked as working

The Ogg Vorbis plugin only provides information in the Lister - it doesn't play the files.

See here for more information.

The only way Opus would be able to play Ogg files is if there was a codec installed on your system that supports them. I don't know if such a thing even exists though.

Basically, if you can play it in Windows Media Player, you should be able to play it in Opus.

I believe he's trying to use the Opus internal sound player for this.

The Opus internal sound player supports only .wav files, not OGG files or MP3s or anything else. To play your OGG file, simply double-click it like you would in Windows Explorer to open the file in whatever program you have associated with OGG files.

If you just want to preview the OGG file in the lister without having to open your player, you can open the Viewer Pane in a lister and then select the OGG file you want to preview, and it should work fine. Assuming that you have the OGG plug-in installed, but I believe that comes "standard".


Actually no, the Opus internal sound player will play anything there is a Windows codec for. As I believe I said :slight_smile:

i neither get ogg information, neither i can play the file...
actually yes, i would like to use dopus internal player for everything w/o installing other players. :slight_smile:

perhaps i should find and copy some oggvorbis.dll
to system32 or something?

There is an Ogg Vorbis codec that you can install which allows Windows Media Player to play it.

Search for DirectShow filters.

On my machine, the internal sound player will not play .ogg files, or .mp3 files, or .m4a files, all of which I can play in Windows Media Player. The Opus internal player will play .au files, .wav files, and .mid files. Am I missing something? Should the internal player be able to play .ogg, .mp3, and others? I can play them in the viewer pane, but not the internal sound player.


[quote="nudel"]There is an Ogg Vorbis codec that you can install which allows Windows Media Player to play it.

Search for DirectShow filters.[/quote]

ive installed OGGDS0995 and now i can play oggs from windows media
player; unfortunately, still, i cant play it from dopus with file/play sound command. on the other hand, i can play mp3s w/o any problems, i
suppose that is caused by the mp3 plugin installed, "mp3 format sound file" that is. so, do we need "ogg format sound file" plugin? :slight_smile:

ps. i know that i just can install foobar2000 or even evil winamp, but as
an old farted amiga scener, this is a matter of principle -- i want it here and i want it now! :wink: