Playing wmv files in e-mails


I have latest DOpus and Windows XP SP3.

I am trying to play a wmv file in an e-mail.

I have looked in Settings – File Types... – File Type Groups – Movies, and I see that WMV files ar included. However, there is no indication what program plays this file and others mentioned. And "Change" is dimmed. I can't find anything in the manual that I understand about this.

Perhaps it is so that only the Viewer can play this file. If so, I am still not sure how to play it there. When I click on the wmv file in the e-mail, nothing happens.

Would be glad to hear some wise words about this :slight_smile:


Hans L

You have to edit the WMV file type, not the Movies file type group.

Or, easier, tell whichever media player you want to use to to associate itself with the type(s) of your choice.

Or right-click a WMV file and use the Open-With menu...

Great, Leo, it now works.

Thank you!

Hans L