Please add "Context Menu (auto-deselect)" for Power Mode right mouse

Under Preferences / Power Mode Buttons / Right button, Context Menu (Auto-deselect) should be added to the function combination of the Right button.

Because usually I right click on the file, just want to select the current file and pop up the menu, and cancel the selection of other files, so that I can do the next step.

Context Menu(select) can do this almost, but this combination has a drawback. I right-clicked on the wrong file and wanted to right-click and select another file. These two files are selected at the same time. I can't continue after the pop-up menu, because both files will be processed.

But Context Menu (Auto-deselect) does not have this problem, the file I right-clicked is the file I just want to select, I can directly follow the next step.

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Thanks Leo, the title you changed is exactly what I want to say.

BTW, DOpus right-click operation is not efficient. I right-click on a different file and must click once to cancel the previous menu. After right clicking on the file again, DOpus can pop up the menu again. But like Windows Desktop, Explorer, Browser, etc., they all pop up menus right away when I right click on a different file. This is not only efficient, but also reduces the possibility of misoperation.

I too would like to see this feature. Or, is there a way to script it so we could get it now?


Bumping this - does anyone know how to script this behavior in? Or is doing so impossible.


I mentioned this suggestion when I just bought Opus. But at the time I was not familiar with Opus, and the explanation was unclear. Right-click auto-deselect is the same function as left-click, completely repeating, I don't need to use right-click to auto-deselect.

Right-clicking auto-deselect also pops up the Context Menu, which is the biggest effect of right-clicking auto-deselect. That is, right click on the file, select only that file and pop up the Context Menu. At this time, I select the operation in the Context Menu to target only the file I just selected.

Right clicking on a file always wants the Context Menu.