Please add option to allow tab renaming

I frequently work in multiple remote folders that share the same name. The addition of tabs is kick-ass, but I am unable to use them effectively due to the current naming scheme The option to rename them would be much appreciated.

This has been suggested here with an answer. ... umpost2252

This has come up several times in a few different topics/threads actually...

To answer the question Nudel posed in that thread you referenced... I think most users that would want this feature would say that by default the folder tab name should 'follow' the current directory the way it works now... but that if a user were to right click on it and provide a user specified tab name it should then STAY that name until they either change it again or 'disable' the user specified name for that tab.

In other tabbed-interface interface implementations, such a feature is commonly called "Sticky Names".

Appropriate, I think.

I also would like to see "Sticky Names".
I think you got it right Steje !

Edit note:
The downside of this is that it opens a bunch of questions about whether Tab Groups should have the ability to retain Sticky Names. For me it doesn't matter.
I'm very happy with Tab Goups as they are now.

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Hey Porc man...

Yeah, I think from a 'completeness' standpoint the tabs assigned to a tab group should inherit this sort of capability as well... like maybe another field in the Edit Folder Tabs dialog next to the path field, so you can see the 'actual' folder path along with 'your' name for it's tab. But I don't think too many people out there are interested in it :frowning:.

I also would like to see Sticky Names.

How about sticky names with sticky tabs? A sticky tab has an assigned name and points to a specific location, and can't be changed w/o a right click. If I try to navigate somewhere else from a sticky tab, I'm automatically taken to a new tab.

Hi ,
I'm not certain yet, but you just might be asking the same thing discussed here .
I'd really like to know .

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I'm not sure either, but, if I understand the question. I think the answer is yes. That is, it would be nice to have the option to set tabs in a Group so that clicking leads to "go" or "go Newtab" depending on your setting. Combine that with the ability to set a name for the tab, and that setup would be great for me.

But tabs are for flicking between things which are already there... It would be weird for a new tab to open when you clicked on some other tab...

Any reason not to make some buttons which run Go and/or Go NEWTAB, instead? I think the buttons would have the functionality you're after, just they'd be buttons and not tabs (but that makes sense from a UI point of view).

You could use a branch of the Favorites tree to generate the buttons if you want to keep a nice interface for adding/removing items.

I don't think the topic referenced by Porc and Garry is quite the same as what was added onto this request... What Bernard wa slookg for was a 'global' way to change the behavior of clicking on folders with an alternate key combo pressed while double-clicking the folder - to open it in a new tab.

What's being suggested here is that this behavior happen ONLY for folders that have been "locked" in some way, without the need to hold a control key along with the folder double-click. So just like we currently have "Format Lock" and "Folder Tree Lock", what's being asked for is the ability to "Lock" the current folder in a tab (say an option when you right click on the folders tab like "Lock Folder Tab"). Once "locked", doing a normal double click (and presumably single clicking a folder in the folder tree) would open the selected folder in a new tab instead of the current one. Basically, the same thing as if you held while double-clicking, but adding a bit of protection for the button-crazy mouse-happy wild-clickers out there who don't want to inadvertently 'leave' a folder they intend to work directly from throughout a work session... and without the need for holding that extra key :slight_smile:.

This is also (as mentioned) a totally separate idea from the initial request posed in this topic of sticky names, but I could see as Garry suggested that the 2 ideas combined could be of use to some people. This latest idea would provide a non-movable reference point for say a common 'root' directory from which you may often need to open other folders from throughout a work day, without always having to navigate back to it even through the use of things like dedicated buttons and favorites and what not.

Thanks for clearing that up Steje.
It's another good idea !

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LOL... well gee, I don't know if I cleared anything up at all or maybe just hijacked the topic with my own interpretation :slight_smile:.