Please add options for file display mode 'Details + Thumbnails'

I've been trying to make DOpus respect my 'User Default' settings in 'Folder Formats', where I added a thumbnails column with a specific column width (>thumbnail size). I want thumbnails in 'Details + Thumbnails' mode to be smaller than the default 96px.

Unfortunately this seems impossible with the options available ootb.

The 'Details' display mode forces Set COLUMNSREMOVE=thumbnail;
so apparently this mode, for which it is possible to add and customize a thumbnail column, isn't meant to ever show thumbnails.

The 'Details + Thumbnails' display mode however doesn't have its own set of options.
It just adds back the thumbnail column ... and even though it is effectively just a preset for the 'Details' mode, it ignores my settings for the thumbnails column in that mode and sets it to a fixed width of 96px instead.
Set COLUMNSADD=thumbnail(0,96) Yeah, I'm a pretty sad monkey right now

I added some 'Extra Line Padding' where possible, to make things look a bit less cramped,
but with the thumbnails column active that extra padding isn't necessary and just takes up space - yet I am unable to adjust these cases separately because it's effectively one and the same display mode.

So pls pls pls give the Details + Thumbnails mode some love and its own set of options.


I may have found a workaround, but I'll have to do some more testing before I feel comfortable posting it.

Is there a command I can use in a button to set a value for the 'Extra Line Padding' ?

Just edit that button to change the width.

Details + Thumbnails isn’t a real/separate display mode, it’s just Details mode with the Thumbnails column added.

That doesn't help with other options I'd like to change between those two "modes".
I mentioned the line padding as an example because this is the kind of answer I didn't wanna hear.

And my request is that you make it one.

We aren't going to fundamentally change how it works. But you can make the buttons which add/remove the column change other settings if you want them to.

If there are settings you want to change in the buttons but can't currently, make a list and we'll consider adding commands to change them.

Hmm, ok, in that case ...
It'd be great to have button commands to override

  • Extra Line Padding
  • Extra Line Spacing
  • Horizontal Grid Lines
  • Vertical Grid Lines

Looks like GRIDLINESH and GRIDLINESV already exist - must've somehow managed to overlook those twice - but unless I'm completely blind the other two don't. And they're the important ones.

Would it solve the rest of it if we added configurable padding around the thumbnail?

That way there would be extra padding on top of the thumbnail size, both of which you could then choose, and it would only affect things when the thumbnail column was showing.

And it might look nicer to have more padding with some sizes or use-cases, so this would give people control over that as a bonus.

Configurable padding would be great in general.
And if it works how I'd imagine it, it might act as a full replacement for the extra lines in many cases.
The problem with the 'Details + Thumbnail' mode would be the same, tho. I mean, it's still one and the same mode underneath, so whether you have extra lines that you don't need because the large thumbnails space out everything already, or you have additional padding around around the thumbnails, the effect is the same.
However, if you could add a configurable limit of icon/thumbnail size beyond which the extra padding isn't applied anymore, that should work great.

We'll add something along those lines.

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