Please replace the Win-Explorer "Properties" dialog in Dopus with an OWN Properties dialog/window with correct size, correct number of files + correct number of directories

When I copy larger directories, it has been an automatism of mine for decades to right-click -> "Properties" on the source top directory and right-click -> "Properties" on the target directory and compare the (1) size information, (2) number of files, and (3) number of folders to determine that ALL subdirectories and files have been copied correctly.

Unfortunately Dopus HERE uses the WIN-Explorer(!) or the WIN-Explorer-API(!) to display the properties, which BUT has a 255 character limit.

In this respect, with longer directories (i.e. more than 255 characters in total) the source directory and the target directory each contain (1) different sizes, (2) different numbers of files and (3) different numbers of folders, so that you first think that copying did not work. Only when displaying the size information at the bottom of the dopus status bar you will see the correct size information (but you can't set/compare the number of files and the number of folders here either).

Below you can see the screenshot where the TARGET directory (with copied directories!) is LONGER than 256 characters:

And now you see (for comparison) a screenshot where the TARGET directory (with copied directories!) is SHORTER than 256 characters:

Please, please fix this problem.
Many thanks & Many greetings

Opus can calculate folder sizes and has columns that show sub-folder and file counts.

... yes, but only very cumbersome and unfortunately THESE displays are not done in this properties dialog ... Dopus is such a good program and (ONLY!) in this point "property dialog/window" it uses the "superintelligent" WIN-Explorer. I don't think Dopus is worthy of this and it's already a small "disgrace" (especially since - as I said - I've been using this property dialog for decades and when I'm under time stress).
Maybe other users are similar.

We support the Windows/shell Properties dialog because it's a standard thing a lot of people rely on, and it can be extended by other programs which people still need access to when using Opus.

We don't really see the Properties dialog as the ideal way to show most of the information that is inside it; columns and the metadata panel do a better job of that, and that's where we put that functionality in Opus.

I'm not sure what is cumbersome about file display columns. You can make buttons which toggle them on and off for ones you want to use a lot but don't want all the time. Having them next to the list of folders/files instead of in separate dialog which only shows one set of information seems less cumbersome to me.

The problem is that in Dopus you have to adjust everything first. Certain views/settings are only needed when copying files and not otherwise. That's why you don't need all these columns in everyday life and only want to see the essentials.
If you copy (larger) files, you don't want to display the whole columns etc. first. Rather one would like to compare the results after once pressing the right mouse button with "ONE CLICK" on properties. - This is from my point of view much less time consuming, especially if everything has to go fast.

By the way: At the beginning I thought that is not a Windows dialog at all, but one of Dopus. In this respect I was misunderstood that Dopus supports more than 255 characters on one side, but in the Dopus properties dialog (which was no Dopus properties dialog at all, but a Windows Explorer properties dialog) the aforementioned things were displayed INCORRECTLY.