Please support Mmm+

Please add a mode that is compatible with the context menu manager Mmm+. It supports ALL of the programs listed below already, but it can't work with DO because DO handles context menus in a proprietary way:

Explorer replacements:
AB Commander
AC Browser Plus
Advanced FileManager
Explorer Plus
FileQuest XP Gold
Magellan Explorer
Nico's Commander
PowerFile Gold
SprintBit FileManager
Super Explorer
Total Commander
Universal Explorer

Xplorer2 Lite

John Land

Isn't this the same request as your previous thread on the same subject? Asking for the same thing twice here won't help. If you really need a feature you should argue your case with GPSoftware directly.

What does Mmm+ do that you can't already do directly in Opus? Opus allows you to add, move and remove 3rd party items on context menus. (There's also a new command in Opus 8.1 for moving all the 3rd party items at once to a submenu, except for those you explicitly place somewhere else, which is great for a quick tidy up without losing access to seldomly used items.) If you're using Opus then the only need for Mmm+ I can see (and maybe I'm missing something as I only skimmed the website) is that Mmm+ also modifies the context menus outside of Opus, so I guess you want Opus and Mmm+ to work together so that you don't have to configure/clean-up your menus in two different places?

I'm not saying Mmm+ is pointless -- indeed I wish I had known about it before Opus came along because messy context menus always bugged me -- but just saying that from my brief look at it, it looks like Opus can do what it does by itself (for the context menus inside of Opus only, of course).

Yes, this is a second request -- but with hard data that I didn't have before on what DO lacks compared to its competition.

And I had been under the impression that posting suggestions in the Feature Requests forum was an appropriate way of arguing my case with GPSoftware directly -- your comment seems to suggest that doing so is pointless?!? Don't they read this stuff?

Mmm+ is genuinely useful in many more contexts (no pun intended) than just DO (if DO could accommodate it). I've cleaned up my context menus on the desktop, taskbar, Maxthon, MSIE, Powerdesk & Explorer Plus (which I still use for their ability to handle more compression types than DO), and even the MS Office 2003 dialogs. So its a keeper regardless of whether or not DO accommodates it.

I did look at the feature in DO allowing manipulation of context menus -- maybe I haven't figured them out correctly, but they look extremely cumbersome compared to the 90 second learning curve of Mmm+. DO is also broken with respect to proper display of the system context menu in a folder tree (at least with respect to the command for moving all 3rd party items to a submenu -- this was acknowledged as a bug a week or so ago).

In short, your guess is correct -- I want DO and Mmm+ to work together so that I don't have to configure/clean-up my menus in two different places, particularly since Mmm+ makes the effort trivial, and DO does not.

John Land

GPSoft do try to read the forum but with so many messages flying around some may slip through the net. Contacting them directly via their support page (it's linked in the message you see when creating a new thread) is the best way to go.

Either way, no need for a duplicate thread. If there's new info add it to the old one. Keeps things tidy.