"Pling" when done

Hi guys,

recently, I set up a new machine and needed to copy several gigs to it over the network.
I found myself checking the progress every 15 minutes to see if things were done.

Later I wondered if DO is able to simply play some kind of "pling" or "ding" for finished operations.
Checked the sound prefs (I actually never used these before) and found no option to set a "finish" sound.

Isn't that something we could have? o)

Thank you!

You could add a sound at the end of the copy/move button/hotkey/event using the Play command. (Could make it conditional on a variable if you want a quick way to toggle it on and off.)

Yeah, I thought of that, but editing all events/buttons/menus, this ends up in a tedious task and since I would like to have that on all the DO installations I use, I would be required to do this multiple times.

And on next major upgrade or if I start a fresh DO config, redo once more.
This method does not scale. o)

Unfortunately this is a common generic issue for me. If we had some kind of sync for the configs I would go and tweak some more, but manually merging all the changes, it's impossible to do if you have a life. Right now it's like this: "Where is that menu/button I put there, mhh.. maybe it was the other DO. Oh wait, here's the menu, it's just an older version! Now, how do I get the latest one?"

So what about a little http server which holds the latest xml config files of a user? DO could push and pull changes once in a while. Syncing and updating configs, labels etc. would be way more easy. Sharing buttons/menus between coworkers or updating buttons downloaded from the forum would be possible as well (security issues though).

The config server could be part of every installation for regular users, they probably wouldn't ever notice it's there. The advanced user could skip the local version and rather use a a central DO config server (on a 24/7 machine maybe), connect it's DO instances to it and be done, a local copy/cache of the config files allows for "offline" work as well of course.

Each toolbar/menu/button would get some attribute for whether to sync it or not and a last-modification date as well, so client/server know older/newer items apart. A history of changes is thinkable as well.

Just a rough sketch/thought, but I had it multiple times now. o)

We're thinking about that but how it would work exactly is a big question, since there would be some settings you would not want to sync between machines.

You could allow for profiles. Generically, out-of-the-box, configs would be in an "All" profile. If a user wants to customize it, they could create "Work", "Home", "Laptop", etc. profiles.

The only problem I see is how you might let us define which settings should be stored with which profiles.

Fun! I'm glad you guys get to figure this out. I'll just enjoy the results.

I'm quite surprised, but happy to read this! o) A little understanding or some kind of acknowledgement regarding the sync problem is already fantastic. o)

Is syncing really such a big thing? My main machine regularly exports its settings to a Dropbox folder from where the other installations can import them if needed. For the notebook there is a button that sets the aliases.

Admittedly, my infrastructure isn't overly complicated, but I guess my Opus setup would scale well for a few more machines. Then I would probably start thinking about automated import.

Having several distinctly different installations seems more effort than maintaining one that fits all.

And if you now say this wouldn't be possible with your installations I'd be really curious about the badass setup you are running :smiley:

I actively use DO on multiple machines (at home, at work etc.), I don't necessarily need these setups to differ, actually I wish they would not, but if you tweak a thing here and another thing there, these things will never combine in one config, unless you update toolbars/hotkeys/prefs manually on x-1 DO instances whenever you enhanced something on another. The latter is the impossible part for me as I have no main machine from where I could spread the config around.

A full sync might sound over the at top first, what's basically required is at least some kind of merge functionality whenever you import a config. So the list of scripts/hotkeys/labels/buttons could "grow" instead of being overwritten each time. My guess would be that once DO is capable of deciding whether label "xyz" or button with id "123" on toolbar with id "abc" was edited more recently in the local config or the config to import, something you could call a sync is not that far away if you abstract the source/destination part (use a config server instead of a dumb set of files to sync against).