Pls return support of 32-bit Windows

the release notes states that support of 32-bit Windows has ended – it also states : "We can add it back if people need it" (!).
Please do – I still run 32-bit on my 64-bit machine, because you cannot UPGRADE to 64-bit – it requires installing of Windows from scratch . . . a very heavy work if you have a really full grown and tweaked system.

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I'm sure that sentence has meaning if lots of people ask for the 32 bit version, not just one person or just a few people and you seem to be the only one asking for the 32 bit version for dopus 13.


Yeah, it is just terrible to have to upgrade a well tweaked computer.
Reality is that it happens very frequently in time.
These things aren't as enduring as Newton's Laws.

32 bit Windows operating systems can only address 2 GBs of memory no matter how much memory you have in the computer hardware.
Historically, Windows 98SE only supported 128GB hard Drives, but it was far worse only a little earlier.

Sometimes, it is just time to move on. :frowning:


Isn't the point of heavy tweaking to improve productivity? But your productivity is going to be greatly thwarted by the poor performance of 32-bit... I'd really recommend getting Windows 11, where most settings stay in your account, along with stuff like WinAeroTweaker. Also make sure to document all the tweaks you do this time. I've also obviously been in this situation more than once and after being able to document everything, reinstalling a new system is really not as painful as it once was (specially with Win11 keeping most of your settings).
And of course it's also very easy to export your Dopus configuration...

  1. So you only have 4 GB Ram? How can you work with that?
  2. A tweaked system is not necessary if you use a modern and fresh installed 64bit OS.

If your Windows is 32 bit because you avoided reinstalling in the past it must be a very very old installation with a lot of accumulated garbage and several changed hardware and several upgrades. Seems a reinstall is very helpful regarding performance.

In the past, especially with HDDs, I reinstalled Windows once a year because the performance gets worse and worse. But with Win 10/11 it seems to be better then with the versions before. Or it is related to the high performance SSD.

At least after some years it is time to reinstall and clean up the system. :slight_smile:

DOpus 13 as 32bit version could be tested by me with windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
and was a terrible experience :frowning:
Despite the same configuration, it looked different with every Windows!
The behavior with different test actions as well. (many crashes)

I was glad when GP decided to remove the 32bit.
For a 32bit version DO13 would probably have to be put back into beta status!

Different Windows versions can affect how Opus looks, of course. It aims to look consistent with the OS (as much as anything can these days when the OS isn't consistent with itself).

But 32-bit vs 64-bit has no effect on how Opus looks, as far as I can remember. Not sure what you're thinking of there.

I tested Opus 13 on 32-bit Windows 7 quite a lot, and also on 32-bit Vista until we dropped support for that late in development (before we had dropped 32-bit entirely).

It worked fine. Even dark mode worked on the older OS, to our surprise, with only a few minor changes needed here & there. I was slightly disappointed we didn't keep Vista support just so we could show dark mode working on there with standard Windows controls. :slight_smile:

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My concern are old Windows systems that I am servicing with help of USB exported installation of DOpus.
Is it possible to purchase the old version of DOpus analog with USB export licence (just for the purposes)?

Opus 13 won't work on anything older than Windows 7, 64-bit or otherwise.

But you can use an Opus 13 licence to install Opus 12 or earlier (as long as the number of machines are within the number of licences you have), and the installers for old versions are on our website.

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