Plugins (C++): My DVP_LoadTextA function never gets called


I have attached my source code.
When clicking on a .torrent file, the DVP_IdentifyFileA function is called. But afterwards, the LoadText function is not called, even though I set the DVPFIF_ReturnsText flag.
If I set the DVPFIF_CanReturnBitmap flag, then the LoadBitmap function is called as expected.
I have not found any example of a plugin that returns text, so I'm really puzzled.
I'm using Windows 7. DOpus works just fine, and I don't see what could be incompatible, since LoadBitmap is called (and all the viewers work great).
I have tried playing with the plugin order, to no avail.

Any help would be great !

Thanks :slight_smile:
TorrentPlugin.cpp (2.53 KB)

Here's a version that should work. Diff it against the original to see what I changed.
TestPlugin.cpp (5.16 KB)

WOW. You rock !!
Thanks a million :smiley:

on looking for Dopus plugin functioning like a torrent viewer I found your discussion contribution. I am afraid; I am not experienced in C++. My programming experience is of rather old date. (I started on mainframe computers with punched cards and FORTRAN and Assembler languages. In the field of PC programming, I finished in early 90-ties working on some database applications written in FoxBASE.) I am using PC everyday, but as for programming I write from time to time an Autohotkey script, at maximum.
Nevertheless, I downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and tried to build a DLL module based on the program code afforded bye Leo. I was lucky; I built it after some tries and errors. But only to learn that with Leo you discussed only a general frame of the plugin. Any code analyzing the torrent file content a presenting it was not included.
I found such a code, but not for Dopus and not in MS C++; I found the code for Total Commander plugin written under Borland tool ( It is perfectly functional, but I don’t like to install Total Commander on my PC and start it every time I need to look into a torrent file.
What about you intention to write a torrent viewer plugin for Dopus? Was it successfully accomplished?

This is a good concept that you have highlighted here.
It seems you have been worked hard for it. You are
conceptually strong enough as far as your programing
is concerned.