Plugins (C++): Updates to my plugin source code

Updated C++ source code for my GIFAnim, NFO and TextThumb plugins is now available from my web page:

Source for the JP2Raw and Ogg plugins is also there (but is not new).

On the page you will see that I've written a little bit about each plugin from a programmer's perspective. Hopefully this makes the examples more useful as you can get an idea of the different kinds of plugins that can be written and see which plugins would serve as good examples for your particular project. (This certainly isn't an exhaustive list, though. There are no VFS (virtual file-system) plugins at all yet, for example.)

I've updated my C++ source page again.

The main additions are the new/re-written plugins that are part of yesterday's Opus release:

[ul][li]Audio Tags[/li]
[li]Raw Digital Camera[/li]
[li]Targa[/li][/ul]I've also updated all the other code on the page with the latest versions. (Nothing too exciting has changed in the old plugins from a developer's perspective, else I would've mentioned the changes sooner.)

As well as providing the source code the page has some discussion about the development of some of the plugins.