Plugins: Considering a VIM file viewer plugin

Hi Guys,

I'm pretty new to DOpus but I already have an idea for a feature that would make it much more powerful.

Unfortunately, I don't have an idea of how much effort that would be. But isn't it possible to integrate the popular file editor VIM as a viewer plugin ?

Vim, especially since version 7, has so many amazing features, it perfectly goes along with DOpus ! Apart from that it's open source. So developers have full access in order to make it run as a plugin ?

I haven't found too many user-created plug-ins for DOpus so I was wondering whether there is a guide or wiki that helps developers getting started ?

With the help of some guys here I might want to make the VIM plugin my hobby-project since I currently lack one ...

Looking forward to your feedback !

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There's a Viewer Plugin SDK which you can download from the main GPSoftware downloads page, near the bottom:

It comes with source code to at least one example plugin as well as API documentation. You can find the source code to further viewer plugins at my own site:

The NFO plugin might be a good place to start if you want to look at writing a text editor since it's a very simple plugin and it deals with text files rather than images.

You should probably also have a look at the Source Code Viewer plugin by James Dickson:

[Source Code Viewer Plugin)

The SCV plugin doesn't come with source-code (as far as I remember, at least), but it is a fully fledge text editor, based on the SciTE editor, that runs as an Opus viewer plugin and does a few clever things. For example, you can "undock" it into a separate window and it's also intelligent about asking if you want to save when you navigate to another file, even if it triggers a different viewer plugin to be invoked in its place.

PS: Will we have to type :q! to exit the Vim plugin? :slight_smile:

PPS: If you want to support Unicode (definitely a good idea to built it in sooner rather than have to worry about converting things later!) you might find Nosh's Unicode conversions of my plugins a better starting point than my own source. (When I get time I'll integrate his changes with the versions on my site but that hasn't happened yet.)