Plugins: VFS plugin priority/pecking order

I had a question about the VFS plugin. I have read through the docs and from what I understand, you tell dopus that your plugin acts on a particular filetype or folder. Then whenever that file or folder is selected, dopus will call some of the functions within your plugin, depending on the user action.

Now for the question. Is this exclusive? For example, if I created my own rar plugin that also acts on the .rar extension, will an instance of both my plugin and the delivered rar plugin be created when the user accesses a rar file? If not, how does it know which one to instantiate? If so, then what happens when a function needs to be called like vfs_createdirectory? Does it run once for each plugin? And what about seemingly one-instance-only functions like vfs_writefile?

Just wanted to add that the plugin sounds very useful :slight_smile:


Plugins are checked in the order they are listed in the Preferences dialog, which allows you to move plugins up and down relative to each other.

If your plugin is first in the list it will take priority over the other RAR plugin and, assuming both plugins recognise the same files/paths, it will be the same as if the other RAR plugin wasn't there or was disabled.

Got it. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: