PNG images cannot be loaded as images

Unfortunately while using v11 and now the latest v12 another annoying problem is pestering me.
For some reason, some PNG cannot be opened using the internal viewer. Instead the window shows a message that the file cannot be loaded as an image (German translation). These are for instance saved by MSI Afterburner as in-game screenshots.

Others like from the snippet tool and saved as PNG render fine.
As the standard Windows viewer can handle these pictures, I wonder why DO can't?

I attached a screenshot as well as an sample PNG.
Thank you for your help ...

Confirmed. Thanks for reporting this and the example image.

I'm not sure why it isn't loading yet, but we will investigate.

Loading it into Photoshop and them saving it out again unmodified produces an image that does display OK, so my guess is there is something unexpected about the structure of the original file which most programs seem to ignore but is tripping up our code for some reason.

Thank you leo for getting into this.
I am grateful to contribute to a better program experience. :wink:

Thanks, this will be fixed in the next update.

Great you helped and pleased to contribute! :wink:
Looking forward to it.