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Gday all,

I was wondering if it's possible to have a popup or hint to show MD5 checksum info?


Under a right click menu have a 'MD5' option for all files and when selected
it either shows a hint or popup with checksum in it.


Yep, pretty simple.

Go to File Types. Select the All Files type and press edit.
In the infotip you can add the md5sum.

Mark - check the online help file for some info about the MD5 Checksum though. I believe by default that the hash value is NOT calculated for any file over 5MB. You can edit the registry to increase this limit though...

It would be nice if there were a Get Sizes=md5 option or explicit Get MD5sum command allowed in the future... I for one rarely care about MD5 sums for smaller files.

Gday guys,

first thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

To jvolkering

thanks m8 already do this with .zip and .rar

To steje

Ta, nail that down and set it to 0 so over 5mb is now
calculated. Indeed, the Get Sizes=md5 would be very handy.


What I was hoping for was more of a popup window/requester thing. (remember RequestChoice anyone?
luv that little program, used it in any a dopus script lol)
Don't really want to do a chechsum of every file just selected ones at certain times. a window that you could use cut and paste would be great.

well I'll leave it at that as by the looks there isn't a way to
do what I want do (yet). Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

All the best to you and your families


Hiya Mark - along the lines of being able to 'cut and paste' the MD5 info, check out the function: Clipboard COPYNAMES=hash2 . It's subject to the same file size limitation on generating MD5sum values as everthing else though - i.e. by default, if you run this command (I have it in a context menu action) against a file > 5MB, you will just get the name of the file followed by : No checksum available copied to the clipboard...

But I think between the info tip and the clipboard function you can sort of get what you want...

BUT- what you've saked about raises an interesting feature request... the ability to actually hit a key when an info tip baloon appears and be able to copy and/or edit ANY information there. Hmmm...

Ctrl Shift C will copy text from popup info tips.

Oh yeah well that works. Thanks Tanis... I now vaugely recall this.