Portable and PC Version


I just purchased the portable version and installed it fine. I also run this on my PC.

I took the time tonight to recreate/clean up my PC version's toolbars and then built the portable toolbars and ejected the USB.

I opened up DO on my PC and I had totally overwritten my new PC toolbars. I renamed them differently, so I am sure what happened.

To prevent this from happening again, can you please let me know how to run the two different versions from the same PC? I realize that this is total user error.

Make sure you fully exit Opus before switching between portable and non-portable versions. If Opus is still running in the background then attempting to run the other version will make the currently running version open a new Lister.

You can check which version you're running by going to /home in the location field - it will take you to either your hard drive or the USB drive.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I did as you asked and exited out of DO on the desktop and went to the USB. It opened up DO on the desktop.

I removed DO from the USB. Before I reinstall, are there any files that I need to remove anywhere else so that the link between the two is totally gone?

Appreciate your help with this.

There's no "link" unless the program is already running.

Great. Thanks for your time! It's very much appreciated.