Portable file type associations AND icons

As a former user of another tool, real portable file type associations and icons is the main thing I miss since I switched to DO.
Portable file type associations and icons means overriding system registry settings in both cases and use/display user defined settings.
It's the the only thing that keeps me from getting a life time license.
Is it on your to-do list?


Changes to file types on the Events tab (e.g. "Left double-click") are stored in your Opus configuration files and thus portable.

Commands added to the Context Menu tab are as well, provided they are Opus-specific commands. (Since if you want to add commands that also work outside of Opus, they have to be in the registry, else nothing but Opus will know about them. But Opus-specific commands can and are stored in the Opus config.)

Icons can be overridden for file extensions (or specific files, folders, or other patterns/filters) under Preferences / Favorites and Recent / File and Folder Labels, and the changes are stored in your config. (Make sure the icons specified can be found in the same place, of course.)

Hello leo,

Labels and filters seems to work great, but I'm having a problem setting file type associations. Example, I have a file type group called Notepad++ ".txt .ini etc", but adding ".rtf" file type to this group has no effect, ".rtf" files still open in WordPad.
Is it possible to override system associations? I don't want to go through file types one by one, I want to group them.

Any idea?

Are you sure Notepad++ isn't sending the files to WordPad when it is asked to open them?

AFAIK (and supported by a quick web search), Notepad++ is for editing plain text files and does not understand RTF format.

Notepad++ isn't doing that, just tried via CMD and Notepad++ opened the file just fine. This seems to be a DO issue
I'm using RTF file as a test file type.
Can you please test it on your side?

How is the group actually configured? E.g. what event have you configured to open the files using Notepad++?

Left double click

It seems to work ok here. There isn't anything special about .rtf as a filetype from Opus's point of view.

Check you don't have anything configured for left double-click on the .rtf filetype itself as this would override any group definition.

It works, I must have done something wrong.
This is the best file manager I have tried so far, I'm considering a life time license. Is there a portable version to run from my HD? I know I can purchase an extra USB export addon, but I can't have a USB dangling out of my laptop all the time, and my machine is frozen.
Any solution?
I don't mind paying extra.
Thanks for the help guys.

You can export a portable copy to a USB device and then copy it to a HDD, but the USB device will still need to be plugged in to authenticate the portable copy.

Please start a new thread if you have questions about portable installs etc.