Portable version of Directory Opus?


I have a corporate PC which doesn't allow a user to install anything and all USB ports are disabled.
Is it possible to export DIrectory Opus inside a folder the same way it is done for exporting to the USB drive?
I have bought a USB export license hoping that I will be able to just copy paste the content into a folder, copy this folder into my corporate machine and use it from there. But apparently Directory Opus doesn't allow that.

Are there ways how I could achieve that? I can buy extra licenses if it is needed.

The USB stick has to be plugged in, unfortunately. A version exported to a USB stick can be copied to an internal drive and run from there, but the USB stick it was exported to still has to be plugged in.


Thank you for the answer.
Unfortunately, using USB sticks is not an option.
Is there any other way?

None that I know of, at least currently.

(I'm surprised companies that lock things down so much allow programs to be executed out of temp folders as well, if their aim is to block people running other software. Maybe they don't know they can do that.)


Thank you for the information.
You are right. However, it is a reality. And as far as I see, other commercial SW adapts to that by providing standalone portable packages like for example Syntevo SmartGit, SmartSVN, Sublime text.

Any chance of releasing a version that doesn't require admin rights to install?

I am in the same situation. Companies are blocking everything, which I understand to a degree. But on the other side of the coin there are some tools that I use that save me a TON of time. Luckily "portable" versions for now don't set off any red flags. I am able to email my self parts of a portable program like Notepad ++ and then use it at work. I LOVE directory Opus and want to use it at work...I hope that a solution can be found.

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