Portable Version Without USB Stick

Hi Jon - I will ask directly you. I will have soon following problem.

I run DOpus on my company laptop from an USB stick. The IT department announced to disable all USB media like sticks or disk drives. So I will not be able to use this brilliant peace of software anymore. Direct installation is also not possible – I would need admin privileges which are not given to us by our IT. And I am also afraid, that an USB-dongle will also not work.
Is there any other way to get DOpus running on my company laptop? I also have bought a second license which I do not use so far – can I copy my portable version on my laptop and activate it with the second license.

I am glad for any help since I am not able to use the Windows Explorer anymore….
Best regards

There isn't, at least currently.

It sounds like blocking you from running software they don't know about is their explicit intent with those changes, else they would probably only make USB media read-only.