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Portuguese (Brazil) translator needed


If you're able to help update the Portuguese (Brazil) translation of Opus, please get in touch via

(If you're the regular translator, we haven't been able to email you lately. Let us know if you have an alternative address.)


Dear Sirs,
I would like to know if it is possible to make available the file for the translation of the Directory Opus 12 into the Portuguese language of Brazil, which is different from the Portuguese of Portugal.
In the Directory Opus 11 version, the Portuguese language of Brazil was correct. When I installed version 12 for testing, the language still remained in Brazilian Portuguese.
When I purchased the version 12 paid and I retired version 11 the language was in portuguese of Portugal.

Thank you.

Mauro Silva Di Palma



Yes. We have a partial Portuguese (Brazil) translation but our previous translator was not able to continue. Please email me directly for further details. email