Possible bug renaming folder on windows 10

OS: windows 10
Version: Opus 12.30 x64 build 8360 11/21/2022

problem: does not properly rename folder if only changing lower case to upper case or vice versa

steps to duplicate:

  1. create a folder:
    Example: "lower case rename bug"
  2. rename folder:
    select folder then press "F2" OR right click on folder, select 'rename' or press 'm'
    select a random letter in file name. Press 'del' or 'backspace' then change it to uppercase.
    press 'Enter'

filename goes back to original lowercase

You'll see the same thing in File Explorer. It's an old bug in Windows (or some filesystems within Windows, at least; I think it affects FAT32 but not NTFS, for example, from memory).

Did it really? What do you see if you refresh?

Thank you. now we know its a windows problem and not Opus.

Possible workaround: in renaming files would be Opus will automatically rename the folder to a random string then rename to the new updated name. ummm .. lets experiment ..... {30 seconds later} .. Yes it worked. Seems like this wouldn't be hard to implement in the next version update.

From what I remember, the problem is it isn't always easy to detect that the problem happened, without doing something which would slow down renames that don't need it.

It doesn't happen in the usual situations, either. Only with one of the filesystems used for removable drives, I believe. FAT32 or exFAT or something like that.