Possible Bug - while opening LIBRARY folders from the Tree

From the left-hand TREE ->

'My Documents'

On 'Middle mouse click' on 'Folder-at-level-1' -> Opens 'My Documents' in the new tab
'Middle mouse click' on 'Folder-at-level-2' -> Opens ''Folder-at-level-1' in the new tab
'Middle mouse click' on 'Folder-at-level-3' -> Opens ''Folder-at-level-2' in the new tab

ie, it opens the PARENT of the indended folder in the new tab and not the intended folder,
While 'middle mouse click' on any other folders (ie, from Desktop or from 'my computer' FROM THE TREE) -> opens the correct folder in the new tab

Please suggest if this is the correct behaviour

btw, can we have numbering in front of files / folders in a Pane (just like we have checkboxes in front of them)

The Index column does that.

Thanks again, it worked.

As i could not attach the screenshot of the folder tree and the indentations have also gone from my post for that possible bug, in 'MY' view, I hope you've understood what problem i was trying to convey as i'd written the level-numbers in that post

The folder tree / libraries issue has been fixed for the next update.