Possible clue about OneDrive status mismatch?

I noticed a couple of things I hope can help in finding a solution.
File Explorer has two columns available, "Availability" and "Availability Status", while DO seems to have only "Availability".
In FE, Availability is always blank, while Availability Status tells in wording what the Status icon shows (i.e. "Available when online", "Available on this device", "Always available on this device").
In DO, Availabilty is always "Sync pending"
I have two files for which OD Status icon in DO is different than "sync pending" (i.e. arrow circle), like all other files and folders instead have.
One file has .ini extension, the other an unknown one. Both files have System and Hidden attributes set.
Explorer says those files are excluded from OD sync in Availability Status (as well as in file properties), while DO shows them as "always available" (full green tick sign in Status column and "Always available on this device" in Availability column).
I tried to reproduce the situation with some other files, but setting extensions and/or attributes to be the same does not cause the same behaviour, nor could I find where to set file exclusion from OD sync.
-- EDIT --
One more thing I just noticed: status icon in DO seems to be me sometimes correct for a short while (10 sec or so) when a new file is added to OD.

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What version of Opus are you using?

12.14 x64 Build 7045

Have you tried the uninstall/reinstall suggestion from the other thread?


Frankly, not yet. I was hoping to avoid having to download again some tens of GB of data, plus reconfiguring what folders should be synced and what not. Even worse considering that I have both OneDrive Personal and OneDrive Business active.
I will give that a try, anyway.

I can understand why you might be reluctant to do that. I'll have another look and see if there's anything we can try, but the problem is unless we can find another way to query the status we can only report what OneDrive gives us.

Too stupid to say you might be querying wrong data from OneDrive (Availability vs. Availability Status), isn't it?

We don't query those Explorer columns directly (as you say, one of them is empty - and the other returns a localised string which would be hard to accurately convert to a status code). Instead we query for a number of shell properties, primarily PKEY_StorageProviderState.

In the latest beta (12.14.1) we've made it also query a number of other shell properties, in the event that PKEY_StorageProviderState returns the code indicating 'sync pending'. Whether this will help the problem or not we don't know as we're not able to test it (as OneDrive is working ok on all our machines at the moment). It may be that the new shell properties suffer from the same bug that PKEY_StorageProviderState does in which case it'll be no better, but if the new properties return valid data then hopefully you'll see an improvement.

Give the beta a try and let us know!

Beta 12.14.1 does bring some improvement, however behaviour is rather erratic.
DO seems to be able to manage status of OneDrive files, i.e. set a file to be stored locally or only kept in the cloud, with proper status icon shown.
However, DO seems unable to track file status changes that are triggered using File Explorer, if they occur when DO has no window open (though it does have icon in taskbar, i.e. it's running in the background) (see picture: status of files 'foto.ppt' and 'note lavori elettricista.ppt' is inconsistent).
Besides those issues, DO seems to be a bit less reactive. I hear cooling fan run at a higher speed. Hard to say that DO is the actual responsible, though. Actually, in Task Manager, CPU and RAM DO's figures look pretty ok.
Another thing it seems to me to have worsened is start up time: now DO stays busy (arrow circle in address bar) for quite sometime, the first time it is opened after machine boot.


I suffered For months with the erratic interaction between OneDrive and Opus and although the good guys at Opus made alterations, I came to within an inch of abandoning the whole project, especially when Opus would apparently randomly download files from OneDrive by the score.

I offer my experiences as to how I eventually got OneDrive and Opus to work in harmony – even the various status icons in Opus and Explorer, not because I particularly understand why the solution worked, but to show it is perhaps more complex then it seems.

The first thing I did was to completely remove OneDrive from system. There are plenty of web sites that give good instructions on how to do this.

I then installed the version of OneDrive: Version 2019 (Build

That in itself solved many problems, but the creation of thumbnails by OneDrive was still very erratic.

Then I noticed that If I created by own PDFs, the thumbnail problem went away, and so I began to concentrate on the PDFs that I downloaded.

It soon became obvious that these PDFs were often the source of the problems.

Now when I get a PDF from an internal source, I simply open it in Acrobat reader and save it out again to produce good postscript output.

If I need to remove pages etc from the PDF I edit it in my PDF editor ( not Acrobat with its exorbitant rental price) and save it again.

The result is a fully functioning OneDrive with both Opus and Explorer. It has been running faultlessly for a couple of months now.

Hope these thoughts may help. It certainly worked for me whether it would For you, who knows?

I just installed beta 12.4.2. At a very first glance, it seems to be performing way better...

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