Possible conflict with Nero 9 Cover Designer

I've been helping someone get to the bottom of a right-click context menu crash which, in the end, seems to be due to the Nero 9 Cover Designer context menu.

If you also have that part of Nero 9 installed, do you get any problems when right-clicking files or is it fine for you?

I am trying to work out if it's a one-off thing on a particular machine or if it's a problem for anyone with the component installed and what to do next.

If it is causing you problems you can solve them by going to Settings -> Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced, double-clicking ignore_context_menus and adding this string:


That is the numeric identifier of the Nero 9 Cover Designer context menu.

Note: The setting is called ignore_context_menus, not to be confused with the allow_context_menus setting at the top of the list.

Like a twit, I got suckered into buying Nero 9. I have not made any use of cover designer, but it does not seem to cause any problems.

If, that is, I am doing what you want.

Are you talking about right click in DOpus? If so, which files do you have in mind?

I have just tried a .nct file and it works OK. Likewise .ncd.

Nero also obeys "Open with" and "Open" in DOpus.

I don't actually see any context menu that you could ascribe to Nero, though. All I see is "Open With". And as far as I can recall I have done nothing to remove it.

This is Cover Designer in Nero 9's bloated suite.

If this isn't what you want tried, just shout.


I'm not sure which files the context menu should appear for but the problem that I've been helping with seemed to cause a crash when just about any file was right-clicked -- it's probably a context menu handler that asks to be queried for all files but only adds menu items for some -- so if you're not seeing it then I think it must be okay on your system.

That's good to know, although it adds to the mystery of why it's crashing on one person's system.