Possible to open new/duplicate tabs in more positions?

OS: Windows XP
Status: Evaluation

By default, Opus opens new/duplicate tabs at the END of the tab row.
My attempts to change this "opening position" failed.

I wanted to create buttons that would open a new tab:

  1. Beside the current tab (+1)
  2. Before the current tab (-1)
  3. At the start of the tab row (first)

For example, in Firefox's 'Tab Mix Plus' there exists the option to set postion of new tabs:

Tab Opening > Open new tabs next to current one

But I did notice my desired "parameters" in another argument.
The "TABSELECT" argument contained: "first", "last", "+1", "-1".

Unfortunately, those parameters did not work with "NEWTAB" or "TABDUPLICATE".

Any suggestions?

I don't think there is a way to change where new tabs open; they always open at the end of the row at present.

The TABSELECT argument is only for selecting existing tabs, mainly for cycling through tabs using hotkeys.

If you want, send GPSoftware a feature request: