Open New Tab next to Active

Open New Tab next to Active

1st, Thank You for this excellent software - I've finally begun to sink my teeth into it,
and I find it does almost everything I want (& certainly much more than I know how to do).

I've searched through quite a few pages here for the function -- "Open new tab next to active tab",
and I've only found several other requests but no solutions yet -- has this been implemented at all yet?

If not, kindly add my voice as requesting it.

As stated in other posts, this function is available in several browsers (FFox, Opera, etc),
and it's also available in Quero TabBar for Window Explorer -- certainly an improvement over regular Explorer, but nowhere nearly as sophisticated as Opus.

Even xplorer2 doesn't do this "Open New Tab next to Active".

Here are a couple other posts in this forum:

"Middle click folder to open in new folder tab" Middle click folder to open in new folder tab

"opening new tab" Opening new tab

"Possible to open new/duplicate tabs in more positions?" Possible to open new/duplicate tabs in more positions? [/quote]

Opera calls its version of this option "Open new tab next to active", or something like "Go NEWTAB=next".

And while I'm posting, kindly allow me to pile on 1 more related aspect -
the ability to middle click a folder in the regular pane, to open it in a new tab --

I've programmed StrokeIt to do this, but a "native"? middle click function would be more simple --

Also, I AM able to middle click any folder in the tree & it opens in a new tab, but it opens at the end of the tab row - still, I really find this a useful feature.

I wonder, is the whole middle-click functionality complicated by how it's already coded to interact with the 3-button concept?
such that .... middle-clickers of the world should just understand that the middle-click functionality is already quite spoken for,
so just find other ways to workaround?

-- not saying this sarcastically, just asking, Realistically?

Again, thanks so much for everyone who contributes to this awesome tool!

[ol][li]We'll add a Open new tab next to active option to a future version.

The code has been written, so most of the work is done, but adding a Preferences checkbox to actually turn it on the new option will have to wait for the next translation cycle.

[li]You can assign middle double-click to anything you want, but middle single-click will always toggle the selection state of the thing you are clicking on. Basically what it says in the first thread you linked.[/li][/ol]

Thx for the answer Leo - looking forward to that being incorporated down the road,
meantime, there's more than enough for several more whole-day experimental sessions :wink:

@leo - does this mean that once clicking on any new folder in the foldertree, a new tab will be added (i.e. similarly to alt-click on a folder) ?
if so, count me in! it would really be nice. I often forget pressing the alt-key ...
btw seems it is not yet in

No, but you can do that already via Preferences / Folder Tree / Selection Events.

Indeed. As I said above, the new option will have to wait for the next translation cycle.

No, but you can do that already via Preferences / Folder Tree / Selection Events.


Thanks - I already looked there earlier.
The Left mouse button->Normal is greyed out.
Box says 'Go' only, so I kind of assumed this box could be edited, i.e. Normal wud then be Go NEWTAB ?

As per the manual, you can't change what a simple left-click in the tree does. (If that opened a new tab, then the tree would be completely unusable via the keyboard as the same action happens when you go up & down through folders with the cursor keys.) It is just listed there for completeness.

You can change the other seven events. If you don't want to hold down a key while clicking then that leaves the middle mouse button event, although that already opens a new tab by default (similar to left-click vs middle-click in a web browser).

Okay. I understand. But my initial 'idea' wasn't about changing changing mouse button functionaility.
Actually it was more into the direction of having a new option.
This option, let's say something 'Create new tabs when changing folders', once enabled, wud then actually work out the same way as if alt-left mouse button was being used. The tabs are quite handy for changing folders in a quick way.

Anyway, forget it, was just an idea, I'll try to remember the alt-key .. :wink:

I want to reopen this my original question, now that I've purchased the full dOpus -
has this been implemented yet, & if so, what is the command?

I go to Preferences > Folder Tree > Selection Events > Middle mouse bButton > Normal > Go NEWTAB ...... can I add NEXT ? or .......

also, another question please -- are these modifier commands accessible more quickly than drilling down through multiple layers of the settings boxes?
I'll have another look at the Help pdf to see if they're listed as a group there.

Thanks very much for your helps ~

I found the general topic again on p.427 of the dOpus 10 pdf Reference Manual --

is there a newer version of the manual?

also - is there a means to edit our posts vs. making a new post?
just now when I wanted to edit my previous post, I couldn't find a means to do so, thx.

ok, I dL a newer version of the Reference Manual -- v.10.5 Jan.13, 2013 -- p.330-31 ,
but there's still no mention of the ability/modifier to open a new tab next to the currently focused tab.

You don't need to edit any selection events, that stuff only relates to MrWul's separate question.

The option you want is here:

Thanks for your attention leo - your link points to the general page, then I drilled down to "Selection Events" : ... Events.htm

but there's still no mention of any setting that will let me middle click on a folder in the folder tree,
and have it open Next to the tab that has the current focus ? It still opens at the "end of the chain of tabs" -- or, most to the Right.

Sorry, wrong URL due to trying to post from my phone.

The page you want is: Folder Tab Options

You can also type Open new tab next to active (or just active tab or similar) into the search field at the bottom of preferences to locate it quickly.

YES! truly happy now :wink: