Power mode has vanished

Screenshot 2024-02-04 142814
After I switched from Power Mode to details in order to create a new shortcuts on the Favorites Bar, the powermode no longer works or is able to be selected. I restarted Dopus 13.1 and even updated to 13.1.1, nothing has helped.

The toolbar must have been edited to remove that menu item. (If you're in a folder where Power mode isn't available, it'll be ghosted out rather than removed completely, so the menu item must just not be there.)

You can add it back via the Customize dialog, dragging it out of the Default Toolbars tab.

Thank for getting back to me, Leo. Sadly, that's not the issue.

I have the Power Mode icon on my toolbar and I can see the item in the toolbar's menu.

The problem is, clicking Power Mode does nothing after clicking. I have Format Lock turned off. This happens in any folder. It looks like a bug to me...

It's not in the screenshot above?

No, as you see, there is no Power Mode in the screenshot from standard menu: File, Edit, FTP, Tools, Settings, View >

As I said earlier, the problem goes beyond Power mode not being visible in the manin menu. It simply does not activate after a click on where it is visible - like the button on the toolbar.

If you go into Customize mode, and edit the button on the toolbar, what function is the button configured to run?

Set VIEW=Power

Power Mode isn't available in some folder types. That's about the only thing I can think of.

A screenshot of the whole window, including the Power Mode button and current path, when it doesn't work, might reveal something.

As you can see, there is no Power Mode in the main menu. Besides, my power mode had no ">" next to the folders, and for my eye, Details Mode = Power Mode, except the difference in the dashed lines.

Before the functionality broke after I switched from Power Mode to Details on one day, all folders had no ">" in Power mode and the selection worked differently.

The problem description keeps changing.

Is the issue the button is missing, or that the button doesn't work?

  • The missing button is simply because you've moved it somewhere else. Copy it back to the original location (if you want it there).

  • It looks like the button in the other menu works OK. It is ticked in your screenshot, at least. What makes you think you are not in Power Mode when the Power Mode button is ticked?

Grid lines can be turned on (or off) in both Details and Power modes.

I see the main menu can also be customized, however I did not remove Power mode button.
It removed itself after I switched between Details and Power mode.

I see I can bring it back to the main menu, I though it's an immutable one.

What made me think I am not in Power mode was that there ceased to be a difference between Details and Power mode after the point in time where I switched from Power mode to Details after a few days of using Power mode only.

The difference was, in Power mode I had no expandable folders and in Details mode the folders where expandable. I understand these were supposed to be separate settings, indeptended of the display mode, and they are related to Folder menu. Yet, the mere switch from Power mode to Details also changed the Folder settings and ever since, the modes looked the same. The behavior of selecting items in different and as expeceted.

Given what you said, the most likely explanation is that I must have removed the menu item myself, which I am not aware of and I conntect it to the fact of switching from Power mode to Details with the buttons.

All is good now, thank you for your patience and support. I am truly loving the software and thank you for creating it!

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