Power Mode Left Click to only move caret?

In File Display Modes -> Power Mode Buttons.

When clicking a file/folder in Power Mode, I can't get the mouse to just move the selection caret there (without altering the selection). All options somehow influence selection. Disabled doesn't work either. Full Toggle is nice but I'd like it to NOT select by default.

I guess I should script it?

Although I'm not sure if I can script the left click... I see no way to do it from the Customize Keys menu.

I don't think there is a way to do that.

I guess the logic is, if you're using the keyboard then you'd normally want to move the caret using the keyboard rather than pick up the mouse to do it. (And if you're using the mouse then you'd normally not care where the caret is.) That and I don't think anyone has ever asked for such a mode before. I guess it could be useful though.

The problem is that sometimes one might mis-click and then want to click another folder. And then one would have to re-click the object which was initially clicked to just to deselect it.

Is there any way through scripting to do something when clicking an object in the lister? That way I can always make sure it's unselected.

Another slight nuisance is that I'm used to rename files/folder once I click them a second time (1 click for caret to be there, 1 click for rename). Directory Opus allows renaming on click, but it's very "clear" about it :slight_smile:. You can ONLY do THAT :slight_smile:. Nothing else. Would love to be able to customize the way the mouse works a bit more. Scripting would be really great as I already learned from you guys in another thread how to handle selection.

That's how all the modes except Power Mode work. I'm not sure there is a way to do it with Power Mode.

I don't think there's any way to change the other things you mention.

I see. Do you guys consider adding some scripting capabilities for the mouse, to allow such things, something worthy enough to do in Directory Opus?

I am formulating the question like this because I know that a software product does NOT need to be made into a Swiss army knife just to cater for 2 users. But if you think this might add value to the product, then I'm on board. This is not a major deal-breaker for me but it is slightly annoying. Knowing that as a registered user I might see this solved in the coming months would help me a lot :slight_smile:. I'm transitioning 3 computers on Directory Opus so this is not a decision I'm taking very lightly (especially considering upgrade fees).

Considering all I saw so far: support (even though I'm not a subscriber yet), capabilities, everything, I am very close to making DOpus my new home for my digital life (files). It is the reason I've wrote all these posts :slight_smile: because, after all, it's in my interest in getting to use a better product.

We'll be expanding the scripting capabilities in various ways as new ideas come to light, but I'm if sure if this particular thing will be one of them. I think it would require a new type of scripting event, which may only be worth adding if there are more ways which the event could be useful. We'll keep it in mind though, to see if any other suggestions fit with the same idea.

It might make more sense to simply extend the existing power mode options in some way rather than opening this up to scripting.

My subjectivity aside, I think DOpus would benefit from mouse scripting capabilities. At the very least for having an event for "selection changed" in the tabs would not only solve issues like the ones I indicated (allowing lots of custom behavior), but also allow developers to come up with other nice things.

You know the story: a well developed API is the first step in kicking the competition in the balls :smiley:. And you already have a good API, this would be the cherry topping.

Assuming this were to be added, what would such a script look like? (i.e. how would you write it, assuming the necessary bits were there?)

I would create something like this:

//Ignore all other left click behavior: do not toggle selection, however, *do* move the caret to the location of the left click. @script jscript function OnMouseClick(data) { if (data.leftClick) { Item.focused = true; //I do not know the command for this so I'm writing in "pseudocode". if (Item.selected) data.func.command.RunCommand("rename inline"); } return; }

So what do you think about this? :slight_smile:

Anybody a month later?

I can only answer for myself but I've got nothing to add that I didn't say already above.

If nobody's said anything, they probably didn't have anything much to say, or they haven't had a chance to think further. Either way, nothing to say, which is why nothing was said.

The ideas raised here will be kept in mind, all the same.

I apologize for insisting Leo :slight_smile:. But Jon asked me how would a script look like if the functionality were there. I answered and I was hoping for a reply from him. As you can probably see, I am invested in making Directory Opus work for me :slight_smile:. I want to purchase it, I honestly do. I'm hoping for some sort of resolution to the issues I'm experiencing, or at least a guarantee that they can be worked out.

It is awesome that you guys are here to provide such information. I'm aware that since I haven't paid for DOpus yet I can't have much say, but trust me when I say that I am a man of my word and I will purchase this software (and purchase a multiple license and keep updating it). I see a lot of potential in DOpus and I already managed to find almost all things I was missing in Total Commander :slight_smile: AND so many better things! Which is why I want to make it work. So please help me do this :slight_smile:. Can you poke Jon with this topic please?