Power Rename (PowerToys) crashes Directory Opys

Latest Release of Microsoft PowerToys (Preview) crashes Directory Opus when using Power Rename feature.

I doubt very much you can do anything about this but when I select a number of files in Directory Opus, right click and select "Power Rename" which is added through the installation of the Microsoft PowerToys app, Opus crashes.

I have a screenshot of the error panel, post crash.

It's their code which runs when you use their context menu, so it'd be better to report the bug to them, especially if it seems caused by a recent change they made, and it's a preview version of their update.

There should be a crash log you can send them which will let them locate the error. (Check if the same bug applies to Explorer as well. They might care more if it does.)

All that we can usually do is block their extension entirely.

It may be the same as this open bug that they have:

Possibly but the precise steps are different plus I am on v37 and using DO and not FileExplorer.
The previous release of PowerToys was fine. I will back out of v37 until they fix it.
Not your problem, I think!!

They may not even know there is a problem unless you report it to them. It's no more effort than reporting thing to us was. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I will be writing it up for them too.

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