PowerShell Here not in Tools menu

I did a search on Powershell here option and tried to find it under tools, but nothing is there. I re-downloaded and reinstalled but that did not help. Is there some preference option to select tools displayed? This is very odd. Command Prompt (regular and admin) are there but not the Powershell. Are there any requirements for placement of Powershell in the directory structure?

Your toolbars are probably from an older version, before that menu item was added to the default toolbars.

You can either reset your toolbars to the current factory defaults (which will remove any customizations you have made yourself, of course!), or you can add the individual item that you want.

The commands are:

CLI DOSPROMPT=noadmin,powershell
CLI DOSPROMPT=admin,powershell

How does one reset the toolbars again?

Right-click an empty space on the toolbar and, if it's one of the default toolbars, the menu will include an option to reset it.

You can also reset them all at once via the Toolbars sub-menu of the same menu, from any toolbar.

OK, I reset them and now I can see them but they don't do anything. The previous working command line here is also broken, so I don't know what happened here.

Do any of the Tools menu items do anything?

Which command do you mean?

Command prompt here and admin. I assume if I created a new button, that it would do the same as the tools pulldown. My next questions are:

  1. Is there a way to add to the tools pulldown?
  2. Are there default locations fro Powershell or does it come from the registry?

Do any of the items in the Tools menu work?

If they all don't do anything, you're probably just in Customize mode (i.e. Toolbar Editing Mode). If that's the case, find the Customize window on your taskbar, then click OK or Cancel in it to save or revert your changes and return to normal, where you can use the menus again (instead of editing them).

As an aside, once i get this sorted out, am I able to copy any of the tools (ie powershell here) to a toolbar, or am I limited to the command list in preferences?

Let's stick to one thing at a time.

OK, I went back and reset and I can now do it all.
Thanks. I'm a bit confused here(as you can tell) . Would I not have been able to add something like this manually to the tools pulldown or not?
I successfully created a new button, and duplicated the Powershell functionality so I figured that out. I did note that in the Customize-Commands there is an Add new User command option. I guess I could have used that as well then dragged it to my chosen toolbar?
How would I add it to the tools menu pulldown?

You can add whatever you want to most toolbars and menus:

Thanks for waking me up to this one. I had not noticed its absence which meant diving into Windows.

Another way to add those powershell "buttons" to an existing menu is, of course, to copy and paste the buttons for the powershell men u items between the default set of menus and a customised set.

Seems to be that this would be the easiest way to add an item to an heavily customised toolbar.,