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Prefer single image folder thumbnail, otherwise use most recent images

I though that when checking both "Choose most recent images" and "Single image" the single image will be used as a folder thumbnail if it exists and otherwise it will use the most recent images. Did I overlook something?

Those options only have an effect when Opus is generating its own thumbnails.

If the Windows shell is generating the thumbnails, they'll have a 3D look like this and the options don't do affect them:


When Opus is generating the thumbnails, they'll have a flat look like this:


The option at the top of the dialog controls whether the shell or Opus's own code are used to generate folder thumbnails.

When the shell is chosen, Opus may still use its own code to make thumbnails of things that the shell doesn't understand, which is why the options aren't disabled in that case.

Note that a file named folder.jpg will give you a folder thumbnail that uses a single image in both cases.

Alright, thank you, I disabled that option and now have the opus folder thumbnails. However, when I have "Single image" enabled, I only get thumbnails if the "Single image" option applies. I turned off thumbnail caching to see what happens (When changing these settings I also need to restart opus because it changes back to the 3d folders and all folders and files have no thumbnails). When disabling the "Single image" option, I get thumbnails, but I'd like to use both options in order to have those four thumbs on the folders where I didn't specify a custom image and only one thumb for the folders where I did specify a custom image. I also have a couple of folders where it just won't generate thumbnails at all, wether I use the single image method or the other one. There's nothing special about those folders though. Any ideas what I could try?

True, the Single Image option disables multi-image thumbnails entirely (when generated by Opus).

If you want both, for different folders, the easiest thing to do is turn off the Single Image option. Then, in folders where you want a particular image, copy or rename the image to folder.jpg, where it will then happen automatically.

I see, so is this something worthy of a feature request? Something like I just said or even folder specific thumbnail options? Also, I found out why some folders didn't have thumbnails. It was because of a hidden desktop.ini file that had "Logo=some/path" to an image that doesn't exist specified. Removing that file fixed it but that's also a possible solution that seems to work fine without having to put a folder.jpg image. Don't know what software put it there :thinking:

Hi dirkb,

Read up on this thread:

Two (of many) of our great community scripters helped with creating a script that would automate the process of creating folder.jpg (plus resizing and hidding) from random images within folder(s). This should help a lot with creating the single image folders for you.


Thanks for telling me about that, works great!