Preferences GUI slow to appear

My desktop machine at home has a partitioned SSD with two bootable W10 systems - a primary and a backup. Both are running the latest Opus v12 beta but the issue has been around for a while. When I open Preferences on the primary system there is a delay of 5-10 seconds before the GUI appears. On the backup system, the GUI appears instantly. The Opus configs are identical.

This is certainly not a serious issue but I'd like to understand why the behaviour is so different on two very similar systems. Before I start any more analysis, I would appreciate some guidance on where to start looking.

Regards, AB

Does it depend on which Prefs page comes up initially?

Do the systems have the same AV software?

I did some testing on this. Findings are:

[ul][li]The delay is independent of what Prefs page comes up.[/li]
[li]AV is the same (Windows 10 built-in Defender) on both systems.[/li]
[li]Configs are identical on both systems.[/li]
[li]The delay only happens the first time after a system reboot. Subsequent Preferences open immediately until the next reboot.[/li]
[li]The delay also occurs with a vanilla configuration first time after a reboot.[/li]
[li]Subsequent Preferences also open immediately after logoff/logon with the same or a different user.[/li]
[li]When the delay occurs after a reboot it is at least 10 secs on a fast processor with an SSD.[/li][/ul]
The only real difference between the two systems is that the primary system is bang up to the minute (Windows Insider Fast Ring) whereas the backup system is standard W10, downloaded and installed as an upgrade to an existing W7 system a couple of days ago. The delay only happens on the primary. I also regularly use a W10 test system in a virtual machine and have never seen any Prefs delay there.

This is really just a nit. More of an FYI than an FYA..... :smiley:

Regards, AB

Wouldn't be the first weird problem to have shown up on an Insider build.

As always, we'd rather not spend time tracking down problems on beta versions of Windows when there's a good chance Microsoft will fix it themselves before release.