Preferences not saved in Start up

Hi Guys

I'm using the latest version of Opus with windows XP Pro.

Each time I enter preferences and tick 'launch opus automatically on system startup' it does not do so!

Or rather more accurately, it does sometimes!

I have noticed a number of other programs which have not loaded on startup, but after changing their settings, they now are loading up correctly.

Does this sound like a windows based problem? If so, does anyone have a solution to offer me?

I know I can load Opus after startup, but I would like it carried out automatically.

Any help appreciated.

Paul Yeoman

Not sure why it's failing for you. The only thing that comes to mind is some sort of registry protection software is preventing the required key from being created.

If you are familiar with the registry, using RegEdit check the contents of :


There should be a String key here called DOpus which contains:

C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\DOpus.exe

Is this created when the automatic launch is turned on?

You could try creating it manually if not.


We have seen this before where the user has one of these anti-spyware programs installed or some boot manager.

Something is stopping Opus saving this information to the system registry. Check what you have installeld and set it to allow Opus to update registry entries.

__ Greg

Hi Guys

Thanks for replying. I checked in the registry, and the line which relates to Opus is there correctly, but I am now looking at the second suggestion where the problem could be with anti- spyware software, as I do have quite a bit of this installed, which may be interfering with Opus in some way.

Many thanks again for your kind replies.

Happy Christmas to you