Prevent automatically rotating images using any picture viewer

Hi there. I am new to this support service of yours and using it now for the very first time.

I take a lot of ortho aerial images with my drone. After the flight I have to manually check their quality (there are hundreds or thousands of them) by viewing them in order one after another starting from image #1.

CASE 1. When I am using for viewing task Windows 7 computer + it´s Windows Photo Viewer. Everything goes fine. NOT A SINGLE photo is rotated from the original position. All the images are ALWAYS in landscape position as they HAVE to be! I also like that in WPV I can easily move between images by using arrow buttons and quickly zoom in/out with mouse roller.

CASE 2. When I am using for viewing task Windows 10 computer + it´s Windows Photo Viewer. The Viewer now rotates photos either 90 degrees to either direction or DOES NOT. This drives me CRAZY!!

I just LOVE Directory Opus! But when using Windows 10 and Directory Opus I have not yet been able to view all the images unturned from original landscape position like in CASE 1. Can this be done with Opus? If so please tell me how to do it, thanks. All that I want is that images remain in unrotated landscape positions as they were taken.

Turn off the “Use Exif information to auto-rotate images” setting in!Documents/Prefs/viewerappearance.htm

Theres a similar setting in Prefs for the viewer pane.

Or activate the old Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10. It's been a long time since I did it. I think I used Winaero Tweaker.

Thanks very much, Steve! Viewing the images in Viewer Pane seems to be the best method for my purposes. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have tried this numerous times but it does not work for me. Images auto-rotate there, too. When I set up WPV to be the default image viewer that default setting is not there when I start WPV next time. Very frustrating! :rage:

Solve the problem at the root by resetting the pictures' orientation tag with this command:

SetAttr META orientation:0
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Please clarify a bit: where/how do I do that? In Opus or...? Give a screen capture or something.

Thanks! I will study this and get back to you later. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see. I thought you were saying that Windows Photo Viewer worked the way you wanted. Perhaps I misunderstood.

I meant that Windows Photo Viewer works for my purposes just fine in Windows 7 but in Windows 10 it DOES NOT. Sorry if I made myself unclear.