Prevent freeze in folder with 85k gif and 85k mp3 files

Hi there, hope you all are doing well.
I'm working on a dictionary. Before compiling it, all the resources have to be in the same folder. There are about 85K gifs and 85k mp3s. If I open the folder in Opus, it freezes and I have to kill it.

I've looked for a few things to do but haven't found the solution so far. Total folder size calculation doesn't seem to be an issue, that's very fast.
I've disabled the total play time from the status bar, but that hasn't helped.
I remember seeing someone asking this year ago but can't find the right search terms.
Would someone have a suggestion?
In advance, big thanks.

If you make some snapshots we should be able to see what's causing the delay:

Done! Thank you, Leo.
Sent a link to 5 dump files. Hope it doesn't end up in the spam bin.
Wishing you a fun evening.

Had to resurrect a gmail account to resend… the original message bounce from a couple of accounts, the spam settings on the receiving end seem to be set on ultra vegan.

The spam filters have been a real pain lately.

If it's easier, assuming they're shared via a cloud storage or file transfer site, you could send us a link to them via private message.

It looks like a column like Description is on and causing general information about all the files to be obtained, and that in turn is hitting a bottleneck in our code when searching through a huge number of files.

We'll look at improving the place where the bottleneck seems to be.

You might be able to speed things up by turning off any columns that require information that isn't available from the directory listing. (Filters that use similar information can also cause it to be obtained.)

Another thing I noticed is there's an OnAfterFolderChange script running, which may be a factor. May be worth a try to disable all script add-ins to see if it helps. But it's possibly a victim of the delay rather than the cause of it.