Prevent selected folder in tree from scrolling out of view?

Having installed 64-bit indexing filters for Adobe Acrobat Professional, Acrobat now routinely creates temporary folders in the C: root directory, as per this screenshot:

​Whenever I open Acrobat, these folders appear individually a few seconds apart, then disappear within a minute or two of creation. However, as they are being created, they force the folder tree to scroll, shifting my selected folder down and forcing me to have to scroll down to find it again. I understand the option "Position selected item in the middle of the tree" (below) only does so upon initial selection.

​Is there any way to prevent the selected folder within the folder tree from scrolling out of view as other folders are created?

Many thanks.

No way to prevent that, other than by setting up a global filter to hide the folders.

I'd complain to whoever made the indexing filters, as the root of C is not the proper place for temporary files/folders. That's what the temp folder is for.